Omega-3 in our Serums: A Vital Link with Diet for Radiant Skin

Omega-3 in our Serums: A Vital Link with Diet for Radiant Skin

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Today, let's dive into the world of Omega-3 fatty acids, a key component of our skincare serums and an essential nutrient in our diet. Often cited for their heart-healthy benefits, Omega-3s also play a crucial role in the health of our skin.

What are the benefits of Omega 3 for the skin?

  1. Improved hydration: Omega 3s help strengthen the skin barrier, keeping skin hydrated and supple.
  2. Inflammation Reduction: These fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties, helping to soothe irritated skin or skin prone to conditions such as eczema or rosacea.
  3. Protection against Sun Damage: Omega 3s can help protect skin against UV damage.
  4. Improved elasticity: They contribute to the health of cell membranes, improving skin elasticity and firmness.

Omega 3 in our Serums: Targeted Formulation

Our serums are enriched with Omega 3 to bring all these benefits directly to your skin. By using these serums regularly, you can nourish your skin from the outside, complementing what you provide through your diet.

The Link with Nutrition

To reap the full benefits of Omega 3s, it's essential to include them in your diet too. Here are some food sources rich in Omega 3 :

  • Fatty fish: Salmon, mackerel and sardines are excellent sources.
  • Chia and flax seeds: Ideal plant-based options for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Walnuts: Especially walnuts.
  • Vegetable oils: Like linseed or camelina oil.

Tips for Incorporating Omega 3 into your Routine

  1. Balanced diet: Be sure to include sources of Omega 3 in your daily diet.
  2. Regular Serum Application: Use your Omega 3-enriched serum morning and night to maximize its effects on the skin.
  3. Hydration: Don't forget to drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated.


Incorporating Omega 3 into your diet and skincare routine is a comprehensive strategy for maintaining healthy, hydrated and resilient skin. With our Omega 3-enriched serums and a balanced diet, your skin can be nourished from the inside out.

Take care of your skin and your health,

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