Discovering ELC (Epidermal Lipid Cement)

Discovering ELC (Epidermal Lipid Cement)

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Have you ever heard of epidermal lipid cement? It's a key element in the health and beauty of your skin, working behind the scenes to keep it hydrated, protected and radiant. Let's dive into the mysteries of this fascinating component together!

1. The Hydration Champion

Lipid cement plays a crucial role in keeping your skin hydrated. It acts like a guardian, retaining water and essential electrolytes. Thanks to lipid cement, your skin stays hydrated and supple, avoiding the crocodile-skin effect!

2. The Protective Shield

Your skin is constantly exposed to aggressions: pollution, allergens, climate... Lipid cement reinforces your skin's protective barrier, enabling it to effectively resist these external elements.

3. Selective Filter

Lipid cement also acts as a filter, preventing irritants and bacteria from penetrating your skin. Thanks to lipid cement, you can avoid irritation and keep your skin clean and healthy.

Crucial for Dry Skin

When lipid cement is weakened, often by a lack of ceramides, skin can become dry, sensitive and lose its natural radiance. This situation can aggravate certain skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

Ceramides: A Key Element

Research has shown that dry skin often lacks ceramides, vital components of lipid cement. In the case of pathologies such as eczema or psoriasis, this ceramide deficiency is even more marked.

Sym Biologic System's Choice: A Lipid-Focused Approach

In our quest to offer your skin the very best, we've made a deliberate choice to focus on lipid-rich products. Why this orientation? Quite simply because lipids, and ceramides in particular, are jewels in the crown of skin health. They play a decisive role in maintaining hydration, protecting against external aggressions, and preserving the skin's elasticity.

Conclusion: Take care of your skin barrier

Taking care of your lipid cement means ensuring that your skin is optimally hydrated and effectively protected. A good diet, adequate hydration and the use of ceramide-enriched products can make a major contribution to skin health.

With these simple gestures, your skin will not only remain beautiful, but also healthy.

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